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  •  Instant Ice Pack
  •  Instant Ice Pack
 Instant Ice Pack Instant Ice Pack Instant Ice Pack

Instant Ice Pack

  • Weight:60/80/130/160/280g/ Optional
  • Color:Can Be Customizd
  • Certification: FDA,MSDS,CE
  • Use: First Aid
  • Product description: Find a competitive factory specialize in hot and cold products in China, email us: info@shwarmmer.com

Get fast-acting relief with the Instant Cold Compress. This ready-to-use compress can go straight to the affected area (no towel needed) to help reduce swelling and provide immediate temporary relief for a variety of minor injuries, including bruises, muscle spasms and pain, insect bites, nose bleeds, headaches, and more. To activate, just fold the product in half until the inner water bag ruptures. Then, shake the pouch for at least 5 seconds to mix up the granules and water. Be sure to shake occasionally throughout use to get the best results. Get relief with the  Instant Cold Compress.

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◎ Fast relief for: bruises and swelling, muscle spasm and pain, insect bites and nose bleeds, headaches and minor injuries
◎ Straight to skin, no towel needed
◎ Easy to activate; instant cold
◎ Store at room temperature

How to use:

◎ Find the liquid bag in the ice bag and fold the product in half, until the inner water bag ruptures.
◎ Then shake the bag up and down for 5 seconds to mix granules and water.
◎ The temperature will be decreased below zero by the cie bag within 2 minutes.