Quality System


We are ISO13485 2016 certificated manufacturer and all our team members understand QMS plays a crucial role in our performance and competition.

All companies will advise their quality is good or even the best. But we all know quality products are not made by big words.

Beforehand Communication is very important. Many complaints are because buyer’s expectation was not clarified at the first beginning or even not on the same page of seller’s common understanding.

Our Quality Control is not only in mass production, instead it starts right after we receive RFQ (Request For Quote). It’s essential to have same understanding of quality standard first before getting quoted. Otherwise, you will just get what you pay for but probably not what you expect.

Here’s What & How we do Quality Control to achieve good quality and meet & Exceed Customer’s Expectation.

Our Main Quality Procedures: SMS (Suppliers Management System), NPI (New Product Introduction) & Training, CIP (Continuous Improvement Process)

Our Main Quality Documents: SIP (Standard Inspection Procedure), SOP (Standard Operation Procedure), ITR (Inspection & Test Report)

Our Main Quality Processes: IQC (Incoming Quality Control), FAI (First Article Inspection), IPQC (In Process Quality Control), OQC (Outgoing Quality Control).


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