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How to Use Ice Pack After wisdom teeth removal

How to Use Ice Pack After wisdom teeth removal

    Cindy who Managing director in our Warmmer has experienced wisdom tooth extraction this year. Having a tooth extracted can be a terrible experience, but with the help of an ice pack, she feels that tooth extraction is not stressful and to make her recovery faster and more comfortable. As long as apply gel ice pack the right way to the side of the face where surgery was performed. Therefore, we appeal to friends who are about to remove their wisdom teeth, dont be afraid, just use 2 reusable ice packs continuously as much as possible to relieve the pain.

The tips to use ice pack will relieve you in no time.

    Here I share some dentist-approvaled ways on how to apply ice pack to relieve some pains an and swelling after tooth extraction. At this time, there may be ten thousand why in the heart throw at Cindy. Why do we need ice pack, so troublesome? Where and how to apply? How long does it last? Therefore, today Cindy will give you a popular science propaganda about ice pack. Ice pack, a method of cold therapy, mainly through the effect of low temperature on the skin and deep tissues. Low temperature can shrink blood vessels and reduce tissue fluid exudation to reduce bleeding, inflammation, as well as relieve swelling and pain. Therefore, it is most commonly used In the acute phase of inflammation caused by acute injury such as trauma, tooth extraction also belongs to the category of acute injury. However, If we're apply ice pack in a wrong way, it not only fails to achieve the therapeutic effect, but may even aggravate the previous condition and even cause more serious consequences.

     So how do we make ice packs after tooth extraction? First of all, we have to choose the suitable ice pack, soft one can easy take and use comfortable.  We suggested that our friends can choose gel ice pack with the weight of 200g to hospital. As you know, current research shows that the temperature of ice pack with 0~4is the most suitable for cold therapy. if the temperature of ice pack is lower than 0, which can easily cause local frostbite. Therefore, friends can wrap the ice pack with a towel to reduce the feeling of freezing. Secondly, we must choose the right time and place for ice pack! Ice compress should be started immediately after the surgery, the sooner the better. The location of the ice pack is the skin surface of the extraction area. You can move the ice pack slowly when applying ice to ensure all-round ice. In addition, do not put ice packs or even ice cubes in direct contact with the skin. Once again, master the correct duration and frequency of ice pack! It is recommended to apply ice for 15-20 minutes each time. Then apply ice again at 5-10 minutes intervals. Ice compresses 3-4 times a day can be effective. At the same time, the more frequently the ice compress is used, the more likely it is to effectively reduce the inflammatory process.

     Everyone knows that when exposed to a low temperature environment for a long time in winter, our skin will become red or frostbite. This is because the blood vessels on the skin surface are frozen and contracted for a long time. Our body is afraid of skin ischemic necrosis and compensatory renewal of blood vessels. In this case, not only the therapeutic effect cannot be achieved, but it will aggravate the condition. Finally, should we apply ice or heat? Ice compress is used for situations where acute injury may cause skin swelling, such as sports training, bumps and strains, and our tooth extraction surgery. Therefore, the cold therapy is no longer effective after 48 hours,  it would be useful to switch heat pack to easy pain and swelling.


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